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AWG Chemical and Waste (AWG-CW).

ASEAN Working Group on Chemical and Waste (AWG-CW).

  • Focal Point: 1) Direktorat Pengelolaan Limbah B3 dan Limbah Non B3, serta 2) Direktorat Pengelolaan B3, Ditjen PSLB3
  • Isu dari AWG-CW action plan: 1) Hazardous Waste Management and Other Waste Defined Under the Basel Convention; 2) Transboundary Movements of [Hazardous] Chemical and Hazardous Waste; 3) Sound Chemicals Management; 4) Environmentally Sound Management Technologies (EST) towards Green Industries; 5) ASEAN Presence in the Global Community; 6) Chemicals and Hazardous Wastes Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Emergency Responses; 7) Remediation of Contaminated Sites from Chemicals and Hazardous Wastes

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