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17th Ministerial Meeting of ASEAN Member States on The Environment:  Behind the Screen of Indonesian Delegation that works

ASEAN meeting comes to share values and common goals. As Indonesia takes the partnership to a greater height, that will continue to explore new areas in which it can cooperate and learn from each other, particularly to protect environment while economic growing up.

The process of discussing about environment with AMS – engages common understanding to reach endorsement all AMS, but it does not always happen. It may be several gradations, light to viscous that is be noted, appreciated, supported, acknowledged, endorsed, till to be adopted.  ASEAN Senior official on the Environment – ASOEN works to the ASEAN Minister. Bringing Indonesia as part to contribute to be an ASEAN epicentrum of growth, Indonesia has some issues to advance in 17th AMME was held in Vientiane Lao PDR 22-24 August 2023.

Indonesia delegation was headed by Minister of Environment and Forestry, consist of DG of Standardization, DG of Climate Change, DG of Waste Management, DG of Environment Damage and Pollution, Bureau of International Cooperation, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Member of the delegation has multiple roles, and some roles may be duplicated. They are unified, able to speak with authority, legitimate, representative of the issues, knowledgeable and informed, and also reasonably experienced.

Position paper was developed for intervening issues that it was raised by ASEAN member states. There, to tackle chemical and waste, pollution, climate change, clean city, coastal and marine, water resource, and biodiversity. Written far before the meeting, the position paper would guide the speaker.   Drafter is one of the roles of delegation. They are  responsible for drafting the delegation’s messages in ‘position paper’ documents. The delegation would prepare papers, printer to help the work.

To implement its strategy successfully, it must maintain consensus among its members of delegation.  For success, sometimes It need bilateral discussion – face to face talks, precision and ease of communication. ‘The parties will be able to define for themselves the priorities of the other side, incrementally increase trust, and establish a working relationship for the eventual resolution of the conflict’ scientist said. Indonesia made a bilateral discussion with Singapore and United States. Prepared room by host country – would facilitate both of the delegations.

Roundtable plenary discussion, large formal gatherings of the representatives’ delegations of AMS used to explore positions on issues and receptivity to dialogue on issues.  Plenaries are useful to formalize the agreement of sub-issues on the agenda.

Further, exhibitions during meetings – allow to reach a larger the attended delegation to show improvement of environment. Those fact findings display to convince other delegation what we act. Several technologies may help to deal our proposal that we offered.

Narrowing distance – a gift may help. Asian culture – Every little thing is cared for, carefully wrapped in beautiful paper, and sent off with a smile. In Asian culture, giving a gift is a sign of respect. This often creates an endless pattern of gift-giving, even lining of family. It usually exchanges the gifts.

Journalist also takes significant role. Social media can be an effective to disseminate information. It can be a powerful tool for delivering environment corrective actions which be undertaken. Effective dissemination of these actions also helps facilitated understanding of the public, which is typically the first step in the road to build environment awareness. During the efforts on the ground – social media can facilitate connections to social support – making collective action facing triple planet crisis.

We learnt – If we need something from somebody, always give that person a way to hand it to us. Diplomacy is fundamentally working with people, bringing people together to deal with difficult issues. Be frontrunner – ASEAN epicentrum of growth.

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